Monday, April 8, 2013

Tire Updates

The new tube arrived in the mail for the XS750 project the other day, and this time, I managed not to pinch the tube as I reinstalled the tire. In about an hour, I had the new tube installed, and inflated. I'm starting to get pretty good at removing and reinstalling tires with all the practice I've had lately :/

However, nothing I tried would get the bead to seat on the V-Strom's front tire. I finally took the front wheel to the guys at All-Pro just up the street from where I work, and they were able to seat the bead for me. The tire has been holding air for a couple of days now, so whatever caused the leak in the first place (I suspect debris between the sidewall and rim) has been fixed. They also had Continental Trail Attack tires on sale -- 10% off! -- in the right size for the V-Strom. I'm planning a possible looooong road trip this summer, and the Shinko 705's I've been running would be less than ideal for the trip, so I picked up the Conti's while I was picking up the front wheel. Expect a review some time this summer!

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