Monday, April 8, 2013

E2E 2013 Rally

I was doing some vicarious motorcycling over at ADV Rider and found a link to the 2013 Equinox to Equinox Rally. I'd never heard of it before, but basically, it's part scavenger hunt, part photography contest, and part motorcycle rally. On the web site, there is a list of things to find. When you find them, shoot a picture of your bike (or whatever bike you rode there) next to whatever it is you found, and submit it to the web site. No cheating and shooting a picture of someone else's bike that just happened to be there, or trailering you bike to the shot! :) Sounds like fun, and hey, it's an excuse to ride!

Unfortunately, I'm at a bit of a disadvantage. Since this is an equinox-to-equinox event, the rally has already started, and the current leader has already shot 133 photos. Meanwhile, I am staring out my driveway at this:

'Sall right, though. If it didn't still look like February outside, I'd be having a fit because I still haven't completed winter maintenance, lol.

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