Friday, August 17, 2012

First Moto-Gymkhana Attempt

I've been following a thread over on about moto-gymkhana -- basically, low-speed drills that really test and refine the rider's sense of balance and coordination on a motorcycle. Riders who are really good at gymkhana weave around cones between 0 and 35 MPH or so, and at lean angles to make your average -- or even above average -- sportbike rider green with envy. A couple of ADVRider guys decided they wanted to give it a try themselves, so the thread is currently something like 15 pages of tips, inspiration and advice for those wanting to give it a try, too.

Like me.

Yesterday, after work, I decided to pick up some tennis balls to use as cones, draw up a couple of my own courses, and give it a try. In gymkhana, body positioning is important, but it's really hard to dissect your own body positioning while riding, so I set up my Canon Powershot on a tripod, laid out the tennis balls in the parking lot at work after everyone left for the day (an hour after everyone else left, grrr... but I digress) and shot some video of myself riding a really basic drill on my Wee-Strom. Here's the link.

I'm really interested in any comments, suggestions, etc. from anyone who reads this. I know I'm a n00b at this, so I won't get offended if you tell me I'm doing something wrong. I know I'm doing it wrong, and I want to learn how to do it right :) All I ask is, just go easy on me. We've all got to start somewhere, and this is where I am starting. I'll keep posting videos of my practice sessions, and hopefully, the improvement will become obvious :)

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