Thursday, March 15, 2012

Wiring Up the Gadgets

In my last post, I discussed some of the new goodies I was installing on my motorcycle. However, I pretty much avoided the topic of the electrical work necessary to get some of the devices working. In particular, heated grips and a 12V power outlet don't do much good if they aren't connected to the bike's electrical system. Here's how I did it.

First, I decided to install terminal strips so that it would be relatively easy to install new devices. I purchased an assortment of terminal strips, from 4-12 connections per strip. Unfortunately, there's not a lot of space around the engine, so I ended up using the 4-outlet terminal strips -- one for the positive bus (shown) and one for the ground bus. The next question is where to install the busses? I noticed that there is quite a lot of space behind the rear quarter panels, so that is where I decided to install the positive bus, the extra wiring and the heat controller circuitry. Pulling the left-hand, rear panel is pretty straightforward, although it required removing the SW-Motech side cases and the OEM rear luggage rack. Once the body panel was removed, I found a suitable location to mount the terminal strip. There is a cross-brace on the frame that is already drilled with two holes. Unfortunately, they are too large diameter and too far apart to hold my terminal strip, so I had to drill two 1/8 inch holes, then I pop-riveted the terminal strip to the frame.

Next, I had to find a place to mount the relay that turns on 12V power to the positive bus. I picked up a Bosch 40A automotive relay at the local electronics parts dealer and a wiring harness for the relay. Again, in hindsight, the wiring harness may not have been a great idea; it doubles the size of the relay and I still have to crimp connectors to the wires whereas I could have simply crimped a blade connector to the wiring and kept the size a little smaller. However, near the rear of the frame, there is a plastic fender that separates the battery and storage compartment from the wheel well. I drilled a 1/8 inch hold in the fender, smeared some liquid electrical tape (basically, a rubberized glue) on both the inside and outside of the fender, and pop riveted the relay to the fender.

Route the wires from the heated grips and 12V outlet around the triple clamps...

...under the frame and alongside the existing wire bundles between the frame and the engine. To keep things neat and to protect the wires, I wrapped them in spiral wrap.

Connect the positive lead TO the terminal strip to the battery, then route it under the frame to the terminal strip. Again, to keep things neat and to protect the wire, I wrapped it in spiral wrap.

To be continued...

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